Why Japan’s Terrace House is the acceptable face of reality TV

And … relax. After the festive fusillade of eyeball-grabbers on your streaming service of choice, here’s your chance to sink into the sofa and do nothing much – just like the participants in Japanese reality television show Terrace House: Opening New Doors.

Hang on before you switch off: although watching six strangers move in together, then gossip, shop, cook, eat, sleep and occasionally do something sporty might sound as interesting as repeats of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th national congress, this is like the Big Brother franchise with manners – a polite take on global trash TV.

No business like show business: Big Bang’s Seungri in new Netflix show

Opening New Doors is the fourth season of Terrace House, and if you haven’t seen the other three, where have you been? The first 40 of 45 episodes are now available for bingeing on Netflix.

The concept is not complicated; put three

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