Three New Crime TV Shows To Get Hooked on Now

The true-crime bubble may be bursting. But what about the old-fashioned kind? Scripted crime is booming—at least on TV, where the streaming services have been mining the world’s riches. There is so much to choose from: Nordic noir, procedurals from Brazil, Indian crime epics, British whodunits, you name it. I spent the recent holiday plundering Netflix’s recent global-genre offerings, and scoping the other services for what’s next. Here are three cut-above crime shows to tide you through January.


Germany has been steadily producing some of the best, and least categorizable, shows on Netflix—including the glamorous, maximalist saga Babylon Berlin, and the complex time-travel thriller Dark. Perfume, adapted from the 1985 best-selling novel by Patrick Süskind, is a German production that updates Süskind’s story from 18th-century France to the present-day Lower Rhine. Its six episodes are hauntingly macabre. A beautiful singer slips into her swimming pool for a naked nighttime swim—and turns

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