Ted Bundy gets the Netflix treatment – how watching real-life monsters makes audiences feel safer

They didn’t know each other but their names would be forever inextricably linked. In the space of a couple of hours that Sunday, both were approached by a handsome young man. His arm was in a sling. He said something to each and both got up and walked away with him, as if to help him with something. Neither was seen alive again. Skeletal remains were discovered months later near Issaquah, the town nearest the park.

Janice and Denise were two of the victims of one of the most notorious serial killers the US has ever known. Ted Bundy murdered 30 women – young, Caucasian, and “attractive” to use the killer’s own description – but he may have been responsible for a far higher death toll.

And gruesome as that litany of murders was, it was the sheer brutality of the attacks that shocked the world. Bundy subjected his victims to the

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