Escape at Dannemora Review: A Superb Cast Elevates a Standard Prison Break

We’ve seen plenty of prison breaks on TV and in movies over the years. (Heck, we even had a whole show called Prison Break… and it ran for five seasons!) So as yet another entry in a well-worn genre, Showtime’s true-crime limited series Escape at Dannemora — premiering this Sunday at 10/9c; I’ve seen six of the seven episodes — is brutally effective, but not especially groundbreaking. When it delves into the thickly tangled psyches of its characters, though, it rises to a higher level, thanks to excellent performances from its three lead actors — especially Patricia Arquette, who delivers fascinating, Emmy-caliber work here.

Escape at Dannemora Paul Dano Patricia ArquetteYou may recall the real-life story that Dannemora is based on: the 2015 manhunt that ensued when two convicted murderers made a

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