Man Stabbed at Haunted House by a Friend Who Was Handed a Real Knife by Someone Wearing a Costume

A group of friends knew they were in for a scare when they planned to visit Nashville Nightmare Haunted House, however, what they didn’t know is that the night would end with one of them in a hospital bed recovering from a stab wound.

Last Friday, James “Jay” Yochim and three of his pals hit up the terrifying attraction in Madison, Tennessee, which consists of four separate haunted houses, an escape room, carnival games and food vendors.

“Halloween is, ask any of my friends, my favorite time of the year,” Yochim told The Tennessean. “I go all out for decorating. I watch a horror movie every day. I get really excited about going to haunted houses.”

After exploring the haunted house, Yochim and his group came across a man, who they believed was an employee dressed in character as the attraction was filled with staff members in scary costumes.

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