‘Cross Her Heart’ Author Sarah Pinborough On How She Subverts The "Fridging" Trope In Her Thriller Novels

At least twice a week, I read a piece of news on the internet that forces me to think to myself, “That must be the plot of a Gillian Flynn novel.” Sadly, more often than not, it’s just real-life in all it’s gory, creepy, horrifying, distressing glory. It’s not surprising then that so many horror, thriller, and mystery writers have been inspired by true crimes in the creation of their fictional tales. But how do authors find these stories — and how do they use them as inspiration without exploiting the victims of the crime in the process?

Sarah Pinborough, the author of Behind Her Eyes, 13 Minutes, and other books, is all too familiar with this dilemma. The thriller writer has turned to real-life for inspiration for her own novels, including her most recent release, Read more at: https://www.bustle.com/p/cross-her-heart-author-sarah-pinborough-on-how-she-subverts-the-fridging-trope-in-her-thriller-novels-11901910