‘Rot in Hell’: Widower to Thief Who Authorities Say Scared 62-Year-Old to Death in Attempted Burglary

A 26-year-old Maine man on Monday pleaded guilty to manslaughter more than three years after authorities say he frightened a 62-year-old woman during a burglary attempt and caused her to have a fatal heart attack, PEOPLE confirms.

Carlton L. Young, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, also pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and theft in connection with the 2015 incident that resulted in Connie Loucks’ death.

He is also accused of burglarizing Louck’s house the day before she died — which he denies, according to his attorney. He entered an Alford plea to that burglary charge. (An Alford plea is a kind of guilty plea in which the accused acknowledges prosecutors have enough evidence to convict but does not admit to the crime.)

Young was further convicted of numerous unrelated burglary and theft charges in what authorities have described as a string of other incidents.

He was originally charged with felony murder as prosecutors

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