Television Critics nominations offer a guide for the Emmys and what to watch this summer

Every television critic gets the same question during the summer doldrums: What should I watch?

Rather than give you only my opinion, the recent nominations of the more than 200 members (including myself) of the Television Critics Association should be a pretty good guide.

The TCA nominations arrived about a month before the Emmy nominations, which arrive Thursday and are usually less likely to honor new shows than the critics. The TCA also has different categories and include both men and women in some of them rather than separate them by gender.

First, the generic answer to the question above is you should head to cable or the streaming services to watch the best shows.

FX (10 nominations), Netflix (nine), BBC America (six) and HBO (six) dominated the nominations.

NBC broke the cable-streaming dominance with seven TCA nominations.

BBC America’s “Killing Eve” was the most nominated program with five, suggesting it should be tops on your

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