Allegedly Abusive Mom Blamed Her Infant’s Skull Fracture on a Ghost: Police

A Texas mom is facing a criminal charge after her 2-month-old son turned up at the hospital earlier this year with a skull fracture that she allegedly blamed on a ghost, PEOPLE confirms.

The husband of 21-year-old Maria Benavides-Ruiz, of Carrollton, at one point backed up her story, telling authorities he heard a “swoosh” in the middle of the night before being awakened by his wife, who pointed to the infant on the floor with a red mark on the side of his face, according to an arrest warrant obtained by PEOPLE.

The husband said he tried to photograph the ghost on his cell phone — but when police took a look, they instead found text messages from his wife urging him to keep their stories straight, the warrant states.

“Hope they don’t find out it wasn’t an accident,” read one text, according to police.

Another text — sent about a month before the

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