Portland gets the TV true-crime treatment on Investigation Discovery

True-crime stories have been a standard item of TV for years, and with the success of Netflix documentary series like “Making a Murderer” and the Rajneeshee saga, “Wild Wild Country,” real crime-inspired series keep proliferating.

Portland is getting the true-crime treatment on an Investigation Discovery series called “The Wonderland Murders.” The series, which debuted June 5, continues with a second episode Tuesday, June 12.

The series features such actual investigators as Portland Police Detective Molly Daul, and forensic scientist, Nici Vance. They’re interviewed on camera, but much of the running time in the first episode, at least, is filled with recreations of true crimes, as actors play the real people involved in homicides and investigation.

There are scenes filmed on location in the Portland area. The introduction is melodramatic, as a narrator ominously says, the Pacific Northwest is rugged, mysterious and remote and sometimes called “Wonderland” (it is?). But this “paradise,”

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