Netflix’s The Staircase and the ethical issues with true crime documentary series

Warning: contains spoilers for The Staircase

Post-Serial, post-Making A Murderer, in the heyday of Netflix, true crime documentaries and podcasts have never been more popular or more mainstream. Often unfolding over multiple episodes (and sometimes over years or even decades) true crime docs make up some of the most compelling and addictive TV around. In many ways this is a truly wonderful thing, expanding the chance for great journalism to reach a wider audience and opening up the possibility for dialogue at the very least, and tangible genuine change at best, supporting and drawing attention to organisations like The Innocence Project, which aims to overturn wrongful convictions.

The latest hot button true crime doc to hit Netflix is The Staircase, a series which first aired on French TV in 2004 and has now been updated with new episodes airing for the first time this year bringing us

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