Mom Allegedly Murdered by Son in Her Kitchen Before He Burned Body in Backyard Fire Pit for Hours

A 34-year-old Connecticut man has been charged with murder after allegedly beating his 60-year-old mother to death and then burning her body in their backyard burn pit for eight hours, according to multiple news reports.

Police say Kyle Tucker, of Hamden, confessed to the slaying last week of his mom, Donna Tucker, the Hartford Courant reports.

Kyle allegedly admitted to beating in Donna’s face and head with a baseball bat before dragging her body from the kitchen where she was killed into the backyard of the two-bedroom ranch-style home where they both lived, according to the Courant and local TV station WFSB.

The investigation began on Friday when Donna’s sister, Denise Trofa, reported her missing, according to the Hamden Police Department. Denise said that she had become concerned for her sister, whom she hadn’t seen since the previous day.

The siblings were close and Denise was troubled by the gap in their communication, the Courant reports.

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