Four Children Dead after Hostage Crisis Are Identified: ‘The Mother Is in Just Complete Shock’

The four young victims of a hostage crisis that ended late Monday night in Orlando, Florida, have been identified as siblings.

Family attorney Walter Benenati identified the children as Irayan Lopez, 12; Lillia Lopez, 10; Aidan Lindsey, 6; and 22-month-old Dove Lindsey as the children killed by Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. Lindsey is the father of the two youngest children.

“The mother is in just complete shock,” Benenati tells PEOPLE of Lindsey’s girlfriend who fled the apartment shortly before he took the children hostage at gunpoint. “Right now she is angry and that will turn to grief that nobody can even fathom.”

Benenati described Irayan as “an overachiever” who loved video games. “Irayan was a very bright young kid,” he says about the middle schooler.

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