Crime writer vowed to find Golden State Killer; 2 years after her death, fans believe she did

Before she died two years ago, true-crime author Michelle McNamara made it her mission to identify a man believed to have committed 12 slayings and 45 rapes across California from 1976 to 1986.

On Wednesday — four days after the second anniversary of her death — California authorities finally arrested a suspect, leading McNamara’s fans to credit her with helping to find justice from beyond the grave.

McNamara, who published the website True Crime Diary, was long fascinated by the unsolved case, dubbed the suspect the “Golden State Killer” and investigated it on her own.

“The displeased felt that (nickname) sounded too glamorous, like he was a Hollywood star. But as my research takes me across California the more I feel the moniker, with its jarring juxtaposition, is apt,” she wrote in a 2014 post.

At the time of McNamara’s unexpected death in April 2016, she was working on a

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