American Crime Story season 3 will look at Hurricane Katrina – what comes after Versace and what we know so far

The latest season of American Crime Story has come to an end in the US and is hurtling towards the finale in the UK, but there are already plans for another season.

Season one looked at OJ Simpson’s trial, the second at Versace’s murder, and the third will look at Hurricane Katrina.

Her’s what we know about Ryan Murphy’s smash hit show.

When will American Crime Story be released?

There’s quite a way to go. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy said “That’s a show where we have a lot of things cooking.”

He was speaking after the team had just edited the Versace finale.

“We’re never going to have a Crime Story unless we have the scripts down. I think the reason why Versace went next is because Tom Rob Smith had such a strong take on it. I am not in a rush to move forward with anything unless it’s perfect.”

What’s it about?

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