146-year-old Reward to be Paid 146 Years Later at Gaithersburg Book Festival

Ann Marie Ackermann | Gaithersburg Book Festival

The descendants of a man who solved a 183-year-old assassination will be presented with a 1,000-euro reward at this year’s Gaithersburg Book Festival, the city announced Wednesday.

Two of the descendants live in Gaithersburg, and all four will be attending the May 19 event.

In 1835 Bönnigheim Mayor Johann Heinrich Rieber was assassinated by Gottlob Rueb. Rueb fled Germany , and later died in Mexico defending Robert E. Lee’s position in battle during the Mexican-American War.

Frederick Rupp, a German immigrant in Washington, D.C., provided the crucial tip in 1872 that solved the murder, but the reward was never paid after the Bönnigheim city council minutes recording the decision to offer the prize were

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