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Fort Hood Shooter Book on Sale for $1300

KILEEN, Texas—A handwritten book allegedly written by the Fort Hood
shooter is on sale for more than $1,300.

One of his more than 30 victims told the Houston Chronicle the book
is “a shame.”

The 51 page book is on the site True Crime Auction House which sells
work created by or related to criminals.  His attorney called the
51-page book a surprise but the True Crime Auction House owner is
confident it’s authentic.

It is unlikely the he’ll make any money off the book since it’s
illegal for killers to profit off of murder-related memorabilia in the
state of Texas. The convicted killer is currently on death row for
slaughtering 13 people back in 2009.

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Can Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany Make the Next People v. O.J. Simpson

Following the massive success of The People v. O.J. Simpson, the true-crime genre has been booming. Sure, Serial, The Jinx, and Making a Murderer came first—but it was after Ryan Murphy’s retread of the O.J. Simpson trial that TV really exploded with true-crime projects, many of which initially centered on JonBenet Ramsey. Now, another notorious story has joined the mix: the Discovery Channel is working on a scripted series titled Manifesto, which will center on Ted Kaczynski, better known as “The Unabomber.”

Paul Bettany will play Kaczynski, Variety reports, in a series that will “detail the downfall of one of the most infamous domestic terrorists in U.S. history” and “follow FBI profiler Jim ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald and how he used old-school methods to track down the Unabomber.”

As Variety notes, Manifesto will provide Bettany his debut as a leading man on U.S. television. (The actor is mostly known for his

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Mother captured in ‘heartbreaking’ overdose video charged with child endangerment

A terrified toddler in pink-and-purple “Frozen” pajamas prodded, pulled and cried — but was powerless to wake up her mother.

Mandy McGowan, 36, was unconscious from an apparent opioid overdose, sprawled in the toy aisle of a Family Dollar store in Lawrence, Mass. Her 2-year-old daughter pulled McGowan’s fingers, then sat down beside her and tried to shake her face.

The heart-wrenching moment was captured on video, and the footage went viral — another shocking scene from the opioid epidemic’s harrowing horror show.

McGowan, from Salem, N.H., has been in drug treatment since the Sept. 18 incident. On Monday, she emerged for a hearing in Lawrence District Court, where she was arraigned on a child endangerment charge, according to the Boston Globe.

Prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to charge McGowan with drug-related offenses: Overdosing is not a crime, and there was no evidence she was in possession of illicit drugs at the time of her apparent overdose, according to

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People Magazine Investigates After Show: New Clues in Keddie …

Might a 35-year-old cold case involving the murders of four people finally be close to being solved?

That’s the hope of Sheila Sharp, who discovered the bodies of her mother, brother and a friend at her family’s cabin in Keddie, California, in 1981, in a mystery re-examined this past Monday in an episode of PEOPLE’s true-crime series, People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery.

The remains of the fourth victim, Sheila’s sister, who vanished from the family’s home that night, were found three years later.

Now, in the People Magazine Investigates After Show, Sheila shares her reaction upon learning that a reopened investigation has yielded new clues.

Julian Dufort

• Watch the People Magazine Investigates After Show, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download

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A 1-year-old boy died 44 years ago. His accused killer is now going to trial.

Joey Abernathy III in 1972. (Cathie Altman)

Joey Abernathy III was found slumped on his toy motorcycle one winter morning in 1972.

The toddler had been hit in the abdomen, causing laceration of his liver, court records say.

He died on Dec. 30, 1972, at the age of 1.

A first-degree murder charge was filed the following year against his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Gary Warwick, but was mysteriously dismissed.

For four decades, the case remained unsolved — until about three years ago, when Warwick was, again, arrested and charged in the death of the boy relatives still call Baby Joey.

Warwick, 65, will now stand trial for murder, after the Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal to dismiss the case.

Cathie Altman just turned 18 when she had Baby Joey, her first child. She met Warwick shortly after she divorced Joey’s father, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana. When

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A Doctor’s Twisted Revenge Killing Spree — Including the Murder of an 11-Year-Old Boy

The March 13, 2008 double murder was so shocking it made national headlines.

Eleven-year-old Thomas Hunter was found stabbed to death in his family’s Omaha, Nebraska, home, his body discovered near that of the family’s house cleaner, Shirlee Sherman. The boy’s father, Dr. William Hunter, a prominent doctor and director for the Department of Pathology at Creighton University, made the initial discovery.

The killer left the same grisly signature on both of the bodies: A knife stuck in the right side of their necks.

The case went cold for five years until police discovered the bodies of Roger and Mary Brumback, both 65, in their West Omaha home on May 14, 2013. Roger, the former Chair of Creighton’s Department of Pathology, was found in the entranceway, shot three times and stabbed six times in the neck. Mary was discovered nearby in the living room, stabbed more than 20 times in the neck.

“All the

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People Magazine Investigates Offers New Clues on Keddie Cabin Murders, Giving Survivor ‘A Little More Hope’

Might a 35-year-old cold case involving the murders of four people finally be close to being solved?

That’s the hope of Sheila Sharp, who discovered the bodies of her mother, brother and a friend at her family’s cabin in Keddie, California, in 1981, in a mystery re-examined this past Monday in an episode of PEOPLE’s true-crime series, People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery.

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Sheriff Reveals Details in Case of Sherri Papini, California Mom Found After Early November Disappearance


New details are emerging in the case of Sherri Papini, the California mom who mysteriously vanished in early November before being found allegedly beaten but alive along a rural road on Thanksgiving Day.

Papini, a 34-year-old mother of two, was allegedly abducted as she went for a routine jog from her home in Redding on November 2. Authorities and her family searched for her for weeks before she was found in northern Yolo County, about 150 miles south of Redding.

Before she was found, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko tells PEOPLE, “She was able to walk to a nearby church but nobody was there at 4:30 in the morning, and then she walked back and was able to flag down a motorist near Interstate 5 and Yolo County Road 17.

“There the motorist stopped and of course called 911,”

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Former Playmate Dani Mathers Pleads Not Guilty After Sharing Photo of Naked Woman in Locker Room

Former Playmate Dani Mathers pleaded not guilty on Monday to a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy for surreptitiously taking a photo of a naked woman in her gym locker room and posting it on social media.

In July, Mathers posted to Snapchat the woman’s nude photo, along with the caption, “If you can’t un-see this, I can’t either.” She also included a selfie in the Snapchat in which she covered her mouth as if to stifle shock or a giggle.

Mathers was initially the target of outrage via social media over “body shaming,” but the backlash soon turned legal as well.

• PEOPLE’s special edition 
True Crime Stories: Cases that Shocked America is out now.

In September, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office confirmed that it was reviewing the case. Earlier this month, authorities announced Mathers would be charged with one count of invasion of privacy.

WATCH: Playboy Playmate Could Face Arrest After Woman She Allegedly Shamed in

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Family Friend Remembers 8-Year-Old Illinois Girl Sexually Assaulted and Killed: She ‘Just Loved People’

The friends and family of the 8-year-old Illinois girl found sexually assaulted and killed behind a building the day before Thanksgiving are remembering the little girl’s personable spirit.

“Once she met someone once, it was like she knew them for life,” Denise Haley, a friend of Sabrina Stauffenberg’s family, tells PEOPLE. “She never met a stranger, she just loved people.”

Sabrina was abducted from the porch of her home as she waited for a church bus on Wednesday, Haley says. She was later found dead behind a vinegar plant in the town and a spokeswoman with the state’s attorney’s office says she had been sexually assaulted and suffocated.

Haley says the family was in “complete shock” when Sabrina’s body was discovered, adding that the little girl loved her family very much.

“[Sabrina] loved playing outside. She loved animals,” Haley recalls of the little girl, noting that she had recently learned to ride a bike.

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