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Mark Fuhrman’s racist tapes show witness in OJ Simpson case saying N-word 41 TIMES

Veteran LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman was the most important witness for the prosecution in the OJ Simpson trial as he discovered a bloody glove on the football player’s property that matched the one found at the scene where his ex-wife Nicole was murdered alongside Ronald Goldman. 

He also discovered blood on the Bronco outside Simpson’s home the night of the murder.

As a result, the defense team worked hard to discredit him at the trial, with lawyer F. Lee Bailey hinting through his questions during cross examination that Fuhrman might be a racist who planted the glove at Simpson’s home.

To drive this home, Bailey at one point asked Fuhrman if he had ever used a racial slur, specifically the n-word, at any point in the past 10 years.

The LAPD detective answered Bailey, under oath, saying he had not used the word in the past 10 years as

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Make a Date with O.J. – FX Airing ‘American Crime Story’ Commercial-Free on Saturday


FX really wants you to spend some quality time with O.J. Simpson this Saturday night, though safely in confines of your own home. The network will be airing the first 5 episodes of its anthology series, The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (out of the eventual 10) without commercial interruptions starting at 10 p.m. My advice: if you haven’t started on the series yet, this is a perfect time to set that ol’ DV-R.

I reviewed The People vs. O.J. Simpson last month and found it (as my headline says), “fittingly engrossing.” But it’s also insanely frustrating, and depending on how much you remember about the original trial, it could also be too much to live through it all again. Still, the cast is excellent, and even though it’s

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