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Mark Fuhrman’s racist tapes show witness in OJ Simpson case saying N-word 41 TIMES

Veteran LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman was the most important witness for the prosecution in the OJ Simpson trial as he discovered a bloody glove on the football player’s property that matched the one found at the scene where his ex-wife Nicole was murdered alongside Ronald Goldman. 

He also discovered blood on the Bronco outside Simpson’s home the night of the murder.

As a result, the defense team worked hard to discredit him at the trial, with lawyer F. Lee Bailey hinting through his questions during cross examination that Fuhrman might be a racist who planted the glove at Simpson’s home.

To drive this home, Bailey at one point asked Fuhrman if he had ever used a racial slur, specifically the n-word, at any point in the past 10 years.

The LAPD detective answered Bailey, under oath, saying he had not used the word in the past 10 years as

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