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Rocsi Diaz Joins HLN As ‘The Daily Share’ Anchor/Correspondent

Rocsi Diaz has joined HLN as L.A. based anchor/correspondent for its The Daily Share.

Diaz primarily will be covering entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and sports. She also will do red carpet coverage of events for HLN.

The Daily Share (weekdays, noon-5 p.m. ET) is hosted by Ali Nejad and Yasmin Vossoughian and aggregates social media news and lifestyle content of the day, giving viewers a digest of what people are watching, searching, playing, sharing, shopping and creating. HLN, the CNN Worldwide network reaching more than 100 million U.S. households, rebranded itself in 2014 as the first all-screens home for social news and lifestyle content. HLN rips its headlines from social media and interacts with consumers.

Diaz departed Entertainment Tonight this month after a two-year stint as weekend co-host and daily correspondent. “As both Rocsi and ET have grown and evolved over the years, she has elected to pursue hosting opportunities that

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Reelz lines up weekday bio series “Celebrated”

U.S. cable network Reelz has picked up the celebrity biography series Celebrated from Los Angeles-based sales agent The Exchange.

Produced by Reboot TV, the half-hour weekday show profiles stars such as Russell Crowe, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and others using a mix of interview clips, red carpet footage, social media tags and pop-up infographics. Reelz has ordered 104 episodes.

The program marks The Exchange’s first foray into television since creating its TV development division. It is being exec produced by the company’s CEO Brian O’Shea and head of acquisitions Jeff Bowler.

Other titles on Reelz’s 2015 slate include the weekday program TMZ Hollywood Sports, and returning factual titles Autopsy: The Last Hours of…, Celebrity Damage Control and Celebrity Legacies.

Reelz also set an April 11 premiere date for the High Noon Entertainment-produced reality show Polka Kings. Another new reality series from High Noon, Branson Taxi, will debut on June

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YouTube Star Pierces Cable With HLN’s ‘Jack Vale: Offline’

This week, Jack Vale will become one of the first YouTube stars to make the jump to a more traditional media outlet when HLN debuts Jack Vale:Offline, a reality series featuring the long-time video prankster and his sprawling family.

Deadline tech column David BloomHLN is really getting three online stars for the price of one in Offline. Vale, 41, has been on YouTube since 2007, with Jack Vale Films, a prank-oriented channel with 1.2 million subscribers, and Jack Vale Live, a vlog with 170,000 subscribers.

Vale’s oldest son, 18-year-old Jake, is building his own significant YouTube presence, with 125,000 subscribers to his biggest channel, which is comedy-oriented.

Daughter Madysyn, 13, is a singer with a modest YouTube presence so far but in less than six months has built a 500,000-strong following on Facebook (which is pushing hard to become a major video presence). She will be releasing

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Why Serial Isn’t Helping The True Crime Genre

The irritation comes when I read headlines such as the one on a recent NPR blog post, “Yes, Serial Is True Crime — And That’s OK.” For me, this headline perfectly represents the lack of respect the genre regularly receives. It says that because “true crime” has made it to the most revered of media, National Public Radio, it has been somehow elevated into something more than what I (and many other competent, committed journalists and authors) do for a living; that because a steely, sonorous radio voice sanctioned by the great Ira Glass is relating the blood, trauma, violence, not to mention the salacious nature of murder and (in)justice, that the genre is now somehow respected and dignified as never before; and that because NPR has decided to wade in the bloody waters of violent crime, well, you know, it’s okay.

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