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Murder & Mayhem in Portland, Oregon – Feature

JD Chandler is probably Portland’s most obsessive criminal historian. He’s catalogued approximately 2,300 Portland-area homicides in a gigantic document that he calls his Slabtown Chronology, writes about history on his blog, Slabtown Chronicle, and is the author of Murder Mayhem in Portland, Oregon and Hidden History of Portland, Oregon.


MERCURY: How did you get interested in murder and violent crime?

JD CHANDLER: In 1992 I attended the murder trial of the guy who killed my best friend up in Seattle. He was shot to death while driving his taxi one night. I’ve always had kind of a fascination with

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True-crime author Ann Rule: ‘For every bad guy or bad gal I have to write about there are at least three dozen heroes’

On Whidbey Island there aren’t many no-tell Motels or discrete bars where lovers can escape prying eyes.

People talk.

Two murders on Whidbey, 50 years apart, are the subject of true-crime author Ann Rule’s new book released today “Practice to Deceive.”

“If one hadn’t happened, the other would not have happened. The most recent case happened on the

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