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48 Hours talks to best-selling true-crime author Ann Rule about Ronda Reynolds case

Author Ann Rule

(CBS) Best selling true-crime author Ann Rule has written a book about the Ronda Reynolds case entitled: “In the Still of the Night.” She took a few questions from “48 Hours Mystery” producer Susan Mallie. 

Read the foreword to “In the Still of the Night”

What intrigued you about the Ronda Reynolds case when you first heard of it?

I heard about Ronda’s death on the radio, and in other media a day after it happened. And I got a “Hinky” feeling – cops’ instinct that something isn’t right. I remember having that same feeling when Diane Downs was first reported as the grieving mother of three children who had been shot by a “bushy haired stranger.” I think it was a few months after that when Barbara Thompson first contacted me and asked

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