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Activists push Bush book as true crime

PEACE activists in the United States, following the lead of their British counterparts, have launched a campaign to reshelve George Bush’s new memoir, Decision Points, ”where it belongs”: in the crime section of their local bookshops.

Inspired by a British campaign that moved Tony Blair’s autobiography, A Journey, to crime, horror and fantasy sections in British bookshops, protest blog Waging Nonviolence is urging its supporters to ”Move Bush’s Book Where It Belongs”, and post pictures of the book in its new location on a Facebook campaign page.

Campaign organiser Jasmine Faustino says Mr Bush’s memoir ”defends several of the criminal policies that he implemented during his time in office, including the invasion of Iraq and the use of waterboarding”. She calls on readers to ”reshelve the book to where it really belongs”, and ”take a picture of your ‘mission accomplished’ ”.

Lyndsey German of British anti-war group Stop the War Coalition was

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