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Spellbinding Tale of Murder, Love, Deceit, and Redemption

When New York Times reporter Michael Finkel meets accused killer Christian Longo, who has taken on Finkel’s identity, his investigation morphs into an unforgettable game of cat and mouse. True Story weaves a spellbinding tale of murder, love, deceit, and redemption, following Finkel’s relentless pursuit of the shocking truth.

In February 2002, New York Times Magazine writer Michael Finkel received a startling piece of news: a young man named Christian Longo, wanted for killing his entire family, had been captured in Mexico, where he’d taken on a new identity: Michael Finkel of the New York Times.

The next day, on page A-3 of the Times, came another troubling item: a note from the editors explaining that Finkel, having falsified parts of an investigative article, had been fired. Nonetheless, the only journalist Longo would speak with was the real Michael Finkel, and so Finkel placed a call to Oregon’s Lincoln County jail, intent on getting the true story. So began a bizarre and intense relationship, ending up as a reporting job that eventually morphed into a shrewd game of cat-and-mouse. Part mystery, part memoir, part mea culpa, True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa weaves a spellbinding tale of murder, love, and deceit with a deeply personal inquiry into the slippery nature of truth.

True Story was made into a movie starring Jonah Hill & James Franco.


THE ROCK STAR & THE NANNY EXCLUSIVE: Penny Hill’s boyfriend speaks out

“At the time, I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve made that trip quite a few times now and I do have to agree with (police) it could have been possible,” Shane tells investigative journalist Mary-Ann Harris on the podcast.

But while he says it was “practically possible” to have made the trip, Shane says you would have to “refuel” along the way, and there were no “24-hour petrol stations back then”.

On the night in 1991 when Penny was bashed, Shane maintains he was at home in Armidale.

“I watched a bit of TV, had a shower and went to bed,” he says.

It’s the first time Shane has spoken to media about the case since a 2015 interview with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program.

In that interview, Shane was adamant he had nothing to do with Penny’s murder.

“I had no involvement in her death in any way or form. Never harmed her,”

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James Ellroy: ‘I was 17 and on the loose in LA, and looking for trouble’

When I was 16 I was just a stupid big tall kid with bad acne riding my bicycle around LA. I was 6ft 3in. I had bad posture. I wore glasses. I had a big shock of dark hair. I was thin. I dressed Ivy League – buttoned-down shirts, corduroy pants, saddle shoes. I wanted to be a rich kid. I was going to the library a lot, and reading, and stealing things out of stores, shoplifting books and sneaking into movie theatres.

I grew up very poor on the edge of a wealthy neighbourhood in LA called Hancock Park. There were a great many groovy daughters of privilege. They went to a private school called Marlborough and I spent a lot of time perving on them, afraid to talk to them. I used to go around peeping in windows. I was fixated on Hancock Park

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Mac Miller observe titled Benji The Canine is leaked on-line eight months after rapper’s demise at 26

A previously-unreleased track from Mac Miller titled Benji The Dog was leaked on the streaming site Soundcloud on Monday.

The rapper, who died at the age of 26 on September 7, 2018 following a fatal overdose from alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl, sampled the 1972 Valerie Simpson track Benjie.

The song also used a sound drop from the 2016 FX miniseries The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, of David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian saying the phrase, ‘He’s always going to be the Juice.’

Miller’s track included lyrics about his experiences using drugs: ‘They told me don’t make a promise you can’t keep/All the drugs in your system, you can’t sleep/How many times you had to buy a Plan B/For a girl you never bring back home to meet your family.’

He continued: ‘Man, I swear this is what I dream about/Ever since my mom told me that she

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Another TERRIFYING True Crime Documentary Is Coming To Netflix About The Yorkshire Ripper

There’s something oddly addictive about true crime documentaries at the moment and we sure aren’t short of them.

From The Ted Bundy Tapes to Making A Murderer and even The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we could binge watch literally hours upon hours of these docos.

And now it seems like we’ll have a new one to add to the list!

A brand new series is set to be realised on Netflix about the horrific crimes of notorious serial killer, the Yorkshire Ripper.

The Yorkshire ripper, who’s real name is Peter Sutcliffe, is believed to have killed upwards of 13 women.

The documentary will explore his crimes through the eyes of the victims families and surviving victims and will reportedly follow the same format as the Madeleine MCCann documentary.

“This will be a huge programme for Netflix and is likely to follow the same format as the Madeleine programme,” said a source to Mirror.

“It will

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What’s on TV tonight: Friday 24 May, 2019 | Times2

For full TV listings for the week, see thetimes.co.uk/tvplanner

Viewing guide, by James Jackson


This week’s big new Netflix series is a sleek, glossy one exploring the ripple effects of “what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things”. In other words, a psychological drama in which a couple are tempted into a bit of swinging! The headline news, however, is that it stars Renée Zellweger in her first TV role, and that she’s a far cry from Bridget Jones. Instead she plays Anne Montgomery, a wealthy and famous author who’s also a purring cougar. And possibly a monster. For reasons that will come clear, she picks on a cash-strapped San Francisco couple and offers to be their lucrative benefactor. It comes with…

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Here’s What It’s Like to Go to IDCon, the Unofficial Murderchella

I walked in and saw two women wrapped in black plastic garbage bags, covered in dried blood stains and caution tape. Toe-tags with identifying information dangled limply off their bodies. I wasn’t at the morgue or a crime scene: I was at Investigation Discovery’s IDCon in midtown Manhattan, and these true crime fans were simply dressed for the occasion.

For the uninitiated, Investigation Discovery, or ID, is Discovery Inc.’s true crime cable network. A quick glance at its show titles — including Your Worst Nightmare, Welcome to Murdertown, and Deadly Dentists — will give you the gist. (And yes, there are enough homicidal dentists out there to make an entire show about it.) The quality of the shows vary, ranging from the campy, cheeky reenactments in Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? to more respectable ones like Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall, hosted by

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1st Annual AlienXPO Coming to Knoxville, Tennessee August 17 & 18

Popular Hosts and Podcast Creators, Katina and Kim Kyle announce the coming of AlienXPO. Since 2015 Katina and Kim have captivated audiences with their engaging interview styles and proactive discussions regarding true hauntings, UFO Alien experiences, ancient history, strange creatures, true crime, and other unexplained phenomena. Now they take their audience from a digital setting to an in-person, two-day experience August 17th 18th at the Knoxville Convention Center and Presented by Cumulus Media’s WOKI WIVK.

“Never before has Knoxville hosted an event that will allow attendees to hear real events concerning extraterrestrial phenomena. There will be people from every walk of life together in one place to hear, share and be floored by the research presented”, said Katina.

This two-day conference will focus on extraterrestrial phenomena that will feature renowned panelist, programming session, vendors and more. Attendees can expect to network with likeminded people challenge existing beliefs and seek

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13 of the Best HBO Documentaries That’ll Keep You Informed

Alex Gibney’s Emmy-winning film is based on the book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright, and features interviews with former church members including Chicago P.D. star Jason Beghe and filmmaker Paul Haggis. The fascinating movie clears up some of the mystery around and misunderstandings about the controversial religion, highlights its close ties to celebrity circles, and examines jaw-dropping accusations against the church and its leader, David Miscavige (assault, wiretapping, and kidnapping, just to name a few).


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NFL player Eric Naposki’s involvement in a murderous love triangle that led to the death of wealthy businessma

Former NFL player Eric Naposki is in prison for the murder of millionaire entrepreneur Bill McLaughlin who was killed in December 1994. However, Naposki refuses to admit or confess to the crime. 

Naposki was found guilty of murdering Bill McLaughlin in a case involving millions of dollars and a fatal love triangle. The Oxygen network released a crime series titled ‘In Ice Cold Blood’ whose most recent episode is centered around Naposki — who played in the National Football League and World League of American Football from 1988 to 1997 — and the murderous love triangle that he was caught in along with Laughlin’s fiancee Nanette Johnston.

The murder of Bill McLaughlin

52-year-old McLaughlin was found dead by his son Kevin with six gunshot wounds on December 15 in his home in Newport Beach, California leading to the discovery of a  tragic and fatal love triangle. At the scene of the crime,

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